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rr2h offers a range of consulting services with the necessary tools and expertise to solve difficult engineering problems. The mission is to understand and clearly define the issues, create elegant and cost effective solutions, and turn concepts into reality. Contact us to learn more.




From Concept to Detail

Looking to develop engineering designs but not sure where to turn? Problem definition and solution: not just working outside the box, but working in eight other boxes. Multi-criteria option studies to narrow the solution space and optimise information discovery. 3D mechanical designs using Autodesk Inventor software, with parameter-driven pure and efficient models. Multi-disciplinary team leadership.



Understand Where You Are Now to Achieve Your Future Goals

Workshop discovery of business processes, mapping in real time to cloud database with graphical front-end, using simple, intuitive, but powerful notation. Get in touch to learn more about how this service can help you.

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Expert Guidance

Years of experience in alkali metals technology: sodium and NaK coolant, sampling equipment, redundant systems cleaning, reaction modelling.

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Words and Images

Crafted, functional documents combining text and bespoke images. Management systems documentation, design reports, plans, test and experiment definition and results, data analysis and visualisation, forms and templates, with rapid review cycles.

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